Coolest Mr. Pricklepants Costume

I had a minor obsession with Toy Story 3 so I knew I wanted to do some TS3 inspired Halloween costume, but it needed to be original. I chose Mr. Pricklepants, the Shakespearean Hedgehog who wears lederhosen. I went to my local thrift store and bought a bathrobe and a green tablecloth. I cut up the robe and sewed it into a onesie with velcro down the front. I then created lederhosen out of the tablecloth by first making shorts and then attaching straps. I used red and yellow felt for the details. I took the scrap green and attached it to a mini cowboy hat I found in my house and finished the hat off with a feather and ears.

This Homemade Mr. Pricklepants Costume took around 7 hours to complete and by the end I was a giant stuffed animal.

Homemade Mr. Pricklepants Costume

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