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Easy Buzz Lightyear and Woody Couple Halloween Costume

Here is a step by step guide of how to make both Buzz Lightyear and Woody Couple Halloween Costume

For Buzz: My costume was far more difficult to put together. The wings were the most difficult part of the entire costume. They took about an hour to make.

Materials: Long sleeved white shirt, white shorts, white tights, white gloves, purple headband, an old pair of boots, card board, lime green sports bra, red sharpie, duct tape (purple, lime green, white).

Wings: Cut out 2 rectangular wings, and one triangular shape. Wrap each piece with tape to create the same pattern as the original Buzz Lightyear wings. Draw in diagonal red lines on the upper part of the wings. Align wings similar to how mine are (see picture) and tape!

Boots: Take your old pair of boots and first wrap completely with white tape. Use the purple and green tape to make the detailing at the bottom.

Outfit details: Use the green and purple tape to make details on your costume including green around your elbows, and on your gloves. Use pieces of tape to create the buttons on the sports bra.

For Woody: The Woody costume was fairly easy to create since my boyfriend already had the jeans, cow vest, boots, buckle, and yellow flannel. All he needed to purchase was the cowboy hat. We actually found it at Goodwill for $5-What a deal!

Materials: Cow vest, blue jeans, cowboy boots, belt buckle, yellow flannel, cowboy hat, and snake for in the boot.

Easy Buzz Lightyear and Woody Couple Halloween Costume

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