Coolest Totoro Costume

Homemade Totoro Costume

I had to make a Totoro costume for a school play and it needed to be big. I used about 25 pool noodles, attached them together to form circles of different sizes and then threaded wire between the different layers making sure to leave some space for arm holes. Next using hot glue, I draped … Read more

Coolest Mr. Pricklepants Costume

Homemade Mr. Pricklepants Costume

I had a minor obsession with Toy Story 3 so I knew I wanted to do some TS3 inspired Halloween costume, but it needed to be original. I chose Mr. Pricklepants, the Shakespearean Hedgehog who wears lederhosen. I went to my local thrift store and bought a bathrobe and a green tablecloth. I cut up … Read more

Coolest Big Foot Costume

Homemade Big Foot Costume

I needed to make a Big Foot costume for the lead character in a school play. We bought around 5 yards of fake brown fur, trying to haggle down the price to work with a high school play budget. I then sewed a onesie, breaking my needle about every three minutes. Fur got everywhere; I … Read more