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Coolest Monopoly Gameboard Costume

Our family loves family game night and one of our favorite games to play is Monopoly. I suggested the idea to my daughter after seeing the Twister costumes in the stores.

We had an old Monopoly game board with missing pieces so we put it to good use recycling the game pieces for her costume. We used a hot glue gun to glue the game pieces, hotels, and community chest and chance cards to the game board. We had an old pair of foam dice we put around her neck. She used an old black suit jacket, tuxedo shirt, and bow tie.

We purchased a black felt bag with Halloween decorations, turned it inside out and sewed the gold dollar sign emblem to the bag. Next we stuffed the bag with money from the old game board. We purchased a cane and spray painted it black. The top hat was purchased from a Halloween store. Standard Halloween face make-up was used to apply mustache.

Total cost for costume:

-Cane $5
-Bag $3
-Dollar emblem $2
-Make-up $2
-Hat $10
Total Cost $22

This was a really fun costume to put together. The whole family got in on the act and made suggestions. We are trying to think of an idea for next year to top this one!

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