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Coolest Mike and Ike Couple Costume for Kids

Both of us absolutely love dressing up and wearing  creative costumes that we make ourselves. The ones from the store just don’t do it for us. We wanted to be something that “fit” together, so this box of candy took care of that. We were sharing a box of Mike and Ikes at recess, and the idea just came to us. We both immediately knew it was going to be the best, and that we certainly wouldn’t see anyone that looked like us at school or out trick or treating.

We spray painted two cardboard boxes green like the candy. We then gave the edges extra support with green duct tape so they would hold their shape. We cut the letters and pictures of the candy out of construction paper to replicate the actual box. We even put black behind each of the white letters to make the box look authentic. On the back we listed the nutrition facts:  Sweet and sassy 6th grade girls, attitude, confidence etc.

We hung the boxes from our shoulders with rope, green rope of course! We made sure that the boxes hung even so the letters would line up. This was tricky because we are different heights. Then we added green tights, green long sleeved shirts, green sunglasses and we even sprayed painted our matching french braided pig tails with green hair spray too!

The looks we got were out of this world. No one could believe the detail involved and really couldn’t believe we made them ourselves. Our parents didn’t even do a thing. We walked into our middle school and stole the show!  It was almost embarrassing, but it was so fun. Our school has a parade so we got to walk the halls while the younger kids, parents and teachers lined the wall.  No one could believe how clever our costumes were. Of course we won, and it was SWEET.

Coolest Mike and Ike Couple Costume for Kids

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