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Coolest Sweet Tooth Group Halloween Costume Ideas

For all those junk food junkies I’ve got a treat for you!!!!!!!!!! I made a group of junk food!! Here are my sweet tooth group Halloween costume ideas:

My first was a box of Nerds costume. I took foam made a box shape and sewed it together then made a slip to fit over it made of plain cotton material. Next I got a box of nerds and painted word from word on all 4 side which took about 60 hours!!!! I finished up with a stocking cap with foam insulation spray, I made nerd shapes and painted them the coordinating colors to the box!!! A super fun and memorable costume!

Next I made something new to this year a “bag” of M&M’s pretzels. A very simple – costume I got a pillow case cut out the bottom, then sewed on shoulder straps to the top. Then once again bought the candy and painted, a total of 40 hours of painting. Next I took some Styrofoam balls and painted them the colors with the logo M on them. Last I hot glued them to the stocking cap!!

The same goes for the chip costume – another pillow case cut open at the bottom with sewn on shoulder straps. Next I painted on the front and back about 50 hours of work time. Then finished up with my love of stocking caps with foam painted bright orange to look like the puffs and hot glued onto the cap.

My last costume is my gumball machine. First I started out with red material and sewed it into a simple jumper pattern, at the bottom a pool noodle was inserted to give a round lip. Next I got extra material and made the handle stuffed it with cotton and sewed it on the costume. Then I painted the front to look like the machine. Then I got to punch bowls, cut out the front for the face and bottom for the shoulders. Then painted and hot glued Styrofoam balls inside to look like the gum. On top is a plastic bowl painted red and glued on top of the punch bowls. Lastly I got some brads to piece the bowls together!

We had a blast with these sweet tooth group Halloween costume ideas and everyone loved our costumes! A truly sweet memory we’ll have forever!!!!

Sweet Tooth Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Sweet Tooth Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Sweet Tooth Group Halloween Costume Ideas

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