The Mad Hatter Girl: Jasmine wanted to be the Mad Hatter but all the costumes at the store didn’t look anything like the real Mad Hatter, so I decided to  do my own research on the internet and made her a one of a kind Mad Hatter Girl.

Hat made using a Dollar store hat as a pattern and embellished with feather and jeweled beads. Brown jacket was made using a thrift store cowboy jacket shortened using glue gun ribbons and embellishments, the ruffled sleeves are 2 lace place mats (Dollar store) embellished with trim.  The bird on jacket was a board cut out glittered and used as a pin.  Chain for spools is from Home Depo (sold by the yard) spools of string sewing kit (Dollar store). Bow and shirt are store bought. Skirt she already had. Socks are two pairs mixed.

Hope you like it, she got lots of attention and photos with her unique one of a kind costume.  Last minute make up.  But this year I will invest in some good makeup for her new costume.