My 14 year old son comes to me and asked if I could make a Mad Hatter costume for Halloween. Sure, why not, how hard could it be. He says “mom you can do it, it will be easy”.

First we searched pictures of Mad Hatter, and  cost  for buying the costume online or in a store……$150! to buy the costume already made! So off the thrift store go. I tell my son the boots will be the hardest thing to find yet they were the first thing we found. $5 Awesome! Then we hopped to the next thrift shop, we find the scarf ($5) for the hat and the pants ($6.95), and next thrift store we find a HEAVY trench coat ($20) and 2 lace doyles ($3ea.). By then my son is done shopping and so am I.

We cut foam board to shape the hat along with hot glue, paper mache…green, brown and gold paint. For the jacket we cut out the inside liner to reduce the wieght, cut the length brcause it was too long, cut off extra buttons and belts that we didn’t need, glued a Great $1 find on clearence yarn for coat accents. Cut doyle in half, hot glued it in place also to save time vs sewing. Chopped the pants off and hemed at home, hot glued more($1) yarn for design on pant leg. We used my sons own socks, white colored shirt.($2.50×2) Orange hair color spray, smells bad. for the vest we used an old black one from in my closet…too small for my son so we cut it and hot glued it to the inside of the jacket, we made the grey squares from an old grey t-shirt…not so easy, the t-shirt has too much strech it was a mess, plus i sewed over the button holes but we still put the buttons from the back side. Out of money now, i cut two 1/4″ strips from an old red t-shirt for the red boot laces, not bad.

I stay up till 2 to finish what i could and when i get off work on Halloween my son says he is tired and may not get dressed, no wait now he is playing ps3 and not tired but wants to save the costume for next year. WHAT!!! Oh No….he got dressed and we loved it! He had alot of comments, most about the over sized hat. It was fun to do but im thinking of being a girl Mad Hatter next year by altering his costume and by adding more details and face paint etc….cant wait!