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Coolest LT. Dangle from Reno 911 Costume

Lt. Dangle from the Comedy Central program Reno 911 was one of the most comical characters in 2008. I looked on the Internet for costume ideas and found many a LT. Dangle from Reno 911 Costume, but most were plastic and cheap-looking. So, I made one myself.

I started with cheap tan shorts, two sizes too small, from Walmart, shortened them, and added a brown material stripe down the side. The authentic law enforcement shirt was purchased on EBay for less than $20 dollars. I added brown pocket and shoulder stripes to match the shorts.

The shoes were black sports shoes I had. The patches were images from the Internet that I printed on iron-on, fusible print paper from a craft store and ironed onto a thicker material, then sewed onto the sleeves. The name tag is simply gold painted paper.

The gloves are bicycle gloves purchased for $14. The most expensive item was the authentic police belt with all accessories (minus gun, of course). I purchased it on Ebay for $70. I added LT bars from my Army career.

I grew the mustache myself, and, for the final touch, added temporary blond highlights from Sally’s to my natural (grown out) hair.

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