Coolest Reno 911 Costume

In 2005 I dressed up as Deputy Clementine Johnson from Reno 911. I purchased as real “Security Guard” brown polyester uniform online and added brown stripes to the pant legs and the pocket flaps on the shirt. My pants ended up being too small in the waist, but that was perfect for a Clemie costume! I wish I had taken the shirt in, because then you could see more of my cleavage.

Using scrap booking materials, I created a “Reno Sheriff’s Department” patch for my left arm and a “Deputy Johnson” name tag. I bought a toy Sheriff’s badge, baton, and plastic gun.

A shoulder length blond wig with bangs were teased and pink aviator sunglasses completed the look! This photo is me with my boyfriend, Buckethead.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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