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Coolest Lt. Dangle and Deputy Johnson Costumes

My fiance and I were planning these costumes for months back in the summer of 2006, before all of the Reno 911 costumes were available to buy.

We happen to know someone in law enforcement and were able acquire some old uniforms. We created shorts for Lt. Dangle and created a phony seal to go over where the patch is, to be sure that it said Reno Sheriffs Department. We made shorts for him and found some great boots to wear. We purchased cap guns, fake handcuffs, some police-style mirrored sunglasses and a few other necessities.

We even went outside our apartment complex and reenacted an arrest with one of our other costume party attendees!

All total we spent probably $50 on the costumes (since we got the outfits for free). Thankfully, since we came up with this idea before it became mainstream, we got great reaction from everyone and those costumes are still talked about to this day.

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