Coolest Lt. Dangle and Deputy Johnson Costumes

Homemade Lt. Dangle and Deputy Johnson Costumes

My fiance and I were planning these costumes for months back in the summer of 2006, before all of the Reno 911 costumes were available to buy. We happen to know someone in law enforcement and were able acquire some old uniforms. We created shorts for Lt. Dangle and created a phony seal to go … Read more

Coolest Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth Costume

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his Wife

My husband and I had the perfect costume last year (2007) for Halloween. We were huge fans of the Dog the Bounty Hunter show and thought it would be a great “fit” for us, since my husband is a bit of a tough guy and I have the body/attitude to pull off a Beth costume. … Read more