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Coolest Reno 911 Dangle and Clementine Costumes

For our homemade Reno 911 Dangle and Clementine costumes we bought Dickies shorts (for Dangle), pants (for clementine) and button-up short sleeve shirts (for both) in khaki. Dangle’s shorts were cut very short (and purchased a size too small).

I stitch-witched the hem and added brown tape on the sides for stripes. I did the same to make stripes on Clementines pants (also purchased too small – to make it more authentic). I also had to take in the shirt for Clementine b/c the small was way too big for me! Then I cut out brown fabric to fit the pocket flaps on both shirts and stitch-witched that on.

We bought costume badges and ordered authentic patches off eBay. Authentic police belts were also ordered off eBay. We both purchased aviator sunglasses. I teased my hair and wore tacky make-up.

We bought gold hair color to make his hair look blond. We bought a brown mustache at a costume shop (they didn’t have blond) so we colored it with the same gold hair spray. The black gloves for dangle were purchased from a sporting goods store.

We both purchased black Velcro tennis shoes from Wal-Mart.

All in all it cost about $200 total.

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