Coolest Turtle Costume

Turtle Costume

First, my husband wore a long sleeve green shirt and green pants for this turtle costume. He painted his face green. To make the shell we used a thin wire (like for electric fences) and formed a frame for the shell. After the basic frame was made he taped small sections of cardboard in each … Read more

Cool Homemade Marge Simpson Costume

Simpsons Costume

The wig was made of poster board and cotton balls then painted blue. I covered my body in yellow body/face paint. I bought the necklace and shoes on clearance. I quickly made the dress out of fleece. The eye mask was the most important part and the most challenging (even though this Marge Simpson costume … Read more

Creative DIY Teen Wolf Costume

Teen Wolf Costume

For this Teen Wolf costume he purchased tons of fake hair (like weave from a beauty supply), face paint, fangs and an old basket ball uniform from a thrift store. He purchased iron ons and cut out the letters for “beavers” on the jersey. It took a while and cost a little more to glue … Read more

Coolest Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Costume

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Costume

For our Dog the Bounty hunter and Beth costumes, we bought all of the clothes and shoes from thrift stores. The leather vest, black jeans and black boots were purchased for Dog. A plain black t-shirt (I cut the edges and added beads, then tied knots at the end for a real 80’s look), hideous … Read more

Coolest Reno 911 Dangle and Clementine Costumes

Reno 911 Dangle and Clementine Costumes

For our homemade Reno 911 Dangle and Clementine costumes we bought Dickies shorts (for Dangle), pants (for clementine) and button-up short sleeve shirts (for both) in khaki. Dangle’s shorts were cut very short (and purchased a size too small). I stitch-witched the hem and added brown tape on the sides for stripes. I did the … Read more