Coolest Lego Zombie Costume

My son wanted to be a Lego man for Halloween, and he is crazy about zombies, so we decided to mix it together and make a Homemade Lego Zombie Costume.

We cut the body out of cardboard, and used Styrofoam circles to make the top part of the head, and neck. I then took some wooden dowels, and glued them into the neck part of the Styrofoam, and attached the other end of the dowel to the top of the head portion of the Styrofoam. I didn’t put any dowels in front of where his face was going to be. I then used poster board to make a face with different colors. I used a see through black fabric for the mouth, as this is where my boys eyes were going to be.

I glued the poster board around the upper and lower Styrofoam and dowels. For the body, after I cut out the shape from card board, I used poster board paper in black all over the body. I took gray poster board and cut a section to look as if it were the chest under his shirt.

The red blood was also poster board. His hands were made of Styrofoam that we carved out, and moving tape cardboard, and spray painted gray. The spray paint kinda melted the shape a bit, but that was ok cuz it gave it a more decrepit look.

For the legs, I used Styrofoam/cardboard again, and glued black poster board on the top. To finish it off, he carried a bucket from some legos, and walked around saying “Bricks…”

This was an awesome costume, a little hard to move in, but so worth it. He even did the “Robot” dance move at the Halloween dance off.

Homemade Lego Zombie Costume

Homemade Lego Zombie Costume

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