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Coolest Lego Hockey Man DIY Halloween Costume

I made the Lego hockey man DIY Halloween costume, it was quite easy, warm, and comfortable.

What you need:

Yellow material, cardboard, duct tape (I used two colors), margarine container, and some small black material that’s see through, and some scissors.

Its super easy!

So I made the head out of cardboard, rolled it so it was like a tube, then added something for the extra little dip in the head, like a margarine container. I taped the cardboard with duct tape, cut out eyes and mouth, then taped black material to the head, then taped yellow material to the whole thing, cut the eyes and mouth out, heads done…

Then got a hockey shirt, team Canada seemed appropriate, and found some hockey shorts and socks. Then for the feet- two cardboard boxes that have my shoes inside, duct taped all over so they were waterproofed,.

And that’s it, easy, simple, warm, comfy and a big hit. Everywhere I went everyone loved it…

Lego Hockey Man DIY Halloween Costume

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