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Coolest Killer Lady Gaga Costume

I whipped this Homemade Killer Lady Gaga Costume up in an afternoon. I made the diamonds following a youtube video. And when I printed them out, I fit about 3 tiny ones and 2 normal sized ones on an A4 sheet. I used regular paper and then painted the “blood” on with red and brown acrylic paint. I glued them to a tiny card board strip and pinned it to my hair with bobby pins. I did have a giant diamond (full A4 size) taped to a ring across my hand but it fell off before I even left the house!

My hair is naturally blonde and in that style (I suggest a wig if you’re a brunette). For makeup I used a shade or 2 lighter than my normal skin tone all over the lid, right up to the brow and then added in a crease line just under the brow bone with a milky tea sort of colour. Then tons of eyeliner! draw the flicks from the corner towards your brow. Fake lashes look good but I didn’t wear them because they got in the way of the glasses.

I used regular 3D glasses from the cinema and PVA glue for the glasses. Looking back the silver side (using sequins already on a thread) worked better. As I glued I tried to avoid the main eye area and kept putting them on to check.

The dress is a plain pencil skirt dress that cost around a tenner, the jacket was an absolute bargain at 3.25 from a charity shop. I wore plain black heels but if you wanted to be more authentic you could easily embellish them with more sequins or spikes, get creative!

Homemade Killer Lady Gaga Costume

Homemade Killer Lady Gaga Costume

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