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Coolest Lady Gaga Costume

This year I really wanted to go all out with my costume, and make it. So I decided on a Lady Gaga costume, who better when wanting to make a statement right?

Dress: For the dress we bought a wedding dress at a thrift store and made it into a mini dress( any white dress will do – you need one strap on it and support on the skirt.) I then made A LOT of diamonds from white poster board (4.5 sheets in total) of varying sizes. The tops of the diamonds can be smaller than the bottoms or equal- there are many videos on youtube of how to make the diamonds. I then hot glued them to the dress while wearing it (you need two people for this!) keep in mind you need to be able to sit in this dress so keep them from the side seems over, not at the back.

Hair and Makeup: *NOTE – my hair bow had fallen over in these pics, but on Halloween night it stayed up all night. For the wig I bought a straight, long blonde wig with bangs. I then cut it to length and trimmed up the bangs. Make sure you get a wig cap too!($.99 at value village). I also bought another blonde wig of the same colour that was extremely long and made the bow. I learned how to do this on youtube as well (its very simple). I then pinned the bow with bobby pins to the wig. If you don’t want to do a hair bow, more diamonds in the hair works too.

For makeup I did a silver eyeshadow, funky eyelashes, and black RayBan sunglasses. My shoes were blue pumps, but any funky shoe works. I also got a microphone prop from Value Village for $1.99 that was a silver sparkly one with a black handle.

As a side note.. seat belts don’t work with this dress so plan to get changed at the party or house you’re going to if drivings involved.

Hope you enjoy!

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