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Coolest Baby Gaga Costume

When I was deciding on what my one year old should be for Halloween this year, I wanted her to be something I knew was original. So why not Lady GaGa?

So to start her Baby GaGa costume I took a onesie and cut one sleeve off at the shoulder seam, then cut the other sleeve off across diagonally from one shoulder, to under the opposite shoulder’s armpit (to make it one shoulder). Then I took some black sequin fabric and covered the onesie with it.

Next, for the skirt, I took a regular blue jean skirt she had and put it on top of a bowl. Then, I took regular black spray-paint and covered the entire skirt (both from Wal-Mart). Then, covered it with spray glitter.

Next came the diamonds…I found a yotube video on how to make those:

They were very tedious and took a while but turned out great. I made 3 different sizes just by adjusting the template size when I printed it out. They were all made from black cardstock. After I made them all, I glued them all onto the skirt. Then I also covered them with spray glitter. I covered a few with rhinestones for a little bling. I also found some great little 3D diamonds to add around the skirt (wedding section at Hobby Lobby).

The headband was pretty much made the same as the skirt. I made various sized diamonds and put them on a simple black headband. Then, I added more of my 3D diamonds, some swirls from silver wire, and some spray glitter! Painted some stars and some swirls on her, some glitter stockings, and squeaky shoes…..and VOILA!…LADY GAGA! Enjoy :)

Baby Gaga Costume

Baby Gaga Costume

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