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Coolest Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

This year I wanted to be something I can make myself. I didn’t want to buy a costume for tons of money to wear for only one night. So since I absolutely love Lady GaGa, I put together a Homemade Lady Gaga Costume costume for Halloween! I also thought this would be a good costume because most of the items can be worn on a normal night out.

All I needed was latex or liquid pants which look like leather. I was lucky to already have these. I found at a store a black shirt that looked like it was made of the same material. Another thing I needed was a blond wig. I bought a blond wig and while wearing it (which was very important), I cut the bangs to the perfect length and fullness.

I cut just some of the wig and with rubberbands and glue made a bow out of the hair to place on the top of my head. For shoes I wore black ankle boots. And I also wore black sunglasses. Lady Gaga sometimes wears a scarf on her head. So I took a red one from my grandma, tied a bow in the bottom, and wore it on my head. I also wore a very thick soft black belt around my waist.

I carried around a microphone and a disco stick (which I also made myself) as props. The finishing touches where a huge silver ring with fake diamonds and a really thick silver bracelet, a fake purl necklace and some motorcycle gloves. I was inspired by Lady Gagas “Just Dance” video. And also a little bit by the “PokerFace” video. Both can be found on You Tube.

Because I had everything I needed already at home, other than the wig and the shirt. I made this costume with only $30! And it definitely turned out better than any other costume that I have seen bought from a store!

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