My two friends and I love the Kardashians and decided to dress as them for Ohio University’s Halloween Weekend 2010. I went as Khloe, and bought a wig, large fake diamond ring, purple shirt and iron-on yellow letters to spell Mrs. Odom and yellow paint to paint his Lakers number on the back of my shirt. I wore a skirt and heels I already owned.

My friend went as Kim, and bought a “fake butt” from a Halloween store and a wig, then wore her own clothes for the rest of the Kim costume. My other friend went as Kourtney and she bought a wig and a baby doll with a onesie at Goodwill. We painted Mason on the onesie. She used her own clothes for the rest of the costume.

We layered on the bronzer and wore fake eyelashes to complete the look. Everyone knew exactly who we were supposed to be and we got asked to take so many pictures that night! It was a relatively inexpensive costume that got lots of compliments and attention!