Cool Last-Minute Halloween Couple Costume: Kourtney and Scott

Our Scott and Kourtney costume was the simplest and cheapest costume we have ever done.  For Scott we used already on hand clothes (yes, the red pants we already part of his wardrobe).  We threw a ridiculously, hideous wig on him (5 bucks), some aviators and of course…an over the top cheesy grin.

For Kourtney, I threw on some leggings, giant, skanky, spiked heels, a white T-shirt that I wrote “DASH” across in a black sharpie, and some big ol’ sunglasses.  I borrowed a fake baby from a child, stuck an onesie on it and wrote Mason across the front.  Both costumes cost me about 10 dollars total and it was such a riot.  We received  complements all night and  the only thing I would do differently was to wear more comfortable shoes and maybe create some sort of carrying contraption to put Mason in.  It was a pain having to hold it all night  (I am clearly not a parent).