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Homemade Bob Ross and His Happy Little Tree Halloween Costume

My boyfriend and I wanted to do something that was different than the traditional costumes that you purchase at the Halloween store. We both grew up watching Bob Ross paint and still make jokes about happy little trees to this day so when I got the idea for this costume he was all for it. The costumes were super cheap because we made them on our own and we only spent around 40 dollars for both of them.

The good thing about this costume is if you’re creating it in the fall, craft stores have a ton of fake leaves that you can use for arrangements/wreaths and usually there are sales on them. I went to Michael’s (craft store) and tried on multiple wreaths on my head. When I found one that fit, it was for a super cheap price I think I ended up paying around 5-6 dollars for it. I also purchased some bunches of autumn colored leaves and then a few that had some glitter on them for a girly touch to my “happy tree” wreath hat. As far as the rest of my outfit, I found the brown dress at H&M for 12 dollars and some brown tights at the local dollar store for a buck. I just wore some brown boots I had in my closet and it looked really good together. My boyfriend purchased a brown afro wig from a costume store and I picked it out with a comb to make it big like Bob Ross’ hair. We used dark foundation/dark brown matte eye shadow to make the beard since he didn’t want to glue hair to his face. He found a denim shirt in his friend’s closet and paired it with some jeans. We also got an easel and splattered some paint on it to complete the outfit.. they had this on sale at Michael’s as well for under 10 dollars. His costume cost about 15 dollars total.

As far as making the wreath hat portion..

I snipped the leaves apart from the bundle with wire clippers and stuck them into the wreath. I made sure to secure them with hot glue so they wouldn’t fall out and I alternated colors/glittery leaves so it blended well. The leftover leaves that I had I wrapped up my arm to complete the tree look.

Everyone at the party/friends who saw pictures of the costume LOVED it and said how creative it was. If you are looking for a costume that is unique and cheap and you have a little time to create this is definitely a great option!

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