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Funny Last-Minute Couples Costume Idea: Cheech and Chong

First off my boyfriend and I weren’t sure what we wanted to dress as, I was at Party Sty and a costume for Chong caught my eye, it had the wig, bandanna, sideburns, mustache, beard, goatee and glasses in it already and only cost $14.99.  Went to the local thrift store and purchased a jean looking shirt $1.99 cut the sleeves and bam, Chong outfit, paired it with jeans and a tee my boyfriend already had.

So for the Cheech outfit went to Walmart bought a pair of red suspenders $9.99 and already had a yellow tank top, borrowed my father in laws Dickie Brand shorts and threw on some white Converse, went to Dollar Tree, bought a pack of fake mustaches for the Cheech. I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest brand of eye lash glue $2.99 to secure all the fake beards, mustaches, etc. and they stayed on all night without a problem and easily came off.

Our costumes were a hit we even made fake joints with tissue paper that is used for gift bags, filled a Ziploc baggie with Italian spices and we were set for the night.

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