Coolest Homemade Cheech and Chong Couple Costume

My husband and I were Cheech and Chong from the Up in Smoke Battle of the bands scene! We were the hit of the party, my husband even had a little roadie guitar as a prop. Image the looks we got when HE was the one in the pink tutu and I had a full beard! My sister in law found the black one piece leotard in Boise Idaho at a thrift store and overnighted it to me.

The pink tutu came from the little girl section at Walmart. I glued each piece of my beard on individually with spirit gum. I sewed my cape together and used iron on letters for the front. We also sewed the tassels onto the front of my husband’s shirt.

People are still talking about this Homemade Cheech and Chong Couple Costume but it sure has made it hard for us to top!

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