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Coolest Coach Mike Ditka Halloween Costume

This homemade coach Mike Ditka Halloween costume is extremely easy to make and fun to pull off once you get the materials. All that is needed for this awesome superfan replica of “Da Coach” is a mustache (I got mine at a local costume store for $8, but any mustache will do), spirit gum to attach the mustache, a 70s throwback wig, a pair of retro 80s sunglasses (or as we call them in Chicago, “Ditka Shades”), a pair of khaki pants, a white button-up shirt with a collar, a tie, a pair of male dress shoes or gym shoes, and most importantly, the 80s “Ditka” sweater or vest. The “Ditka” vest/sweater can be pricey if you don’t already one one (price range is between $70-$200), but if you’re looking for a generic “BEARS” sweater look-alike, try to find the t-shirt version of the sweater (this is a good option: http://www.crosstowntees.com/chicago_bears_mike_ditka_sweater.html).

I personally had found the “Ditka” Bears sweater at a thrift store for $3 (I know, a TOTAL steal!!!) and was inspired to try this costume out. I asked my dad for the pants, the undershirt, and the tie (my feet were too small for the dress shoes); had bought the wig from Factory Card Outlet and cut down the hair to a manageable length for Ditka, got the sunglasses for %5 at Wal-Mart, and got the mustache.

For me, since I have long hair, I had to first pin up my hair to stick to the scalp so the wig would fit. After I did that, I put on the wig and used bobby pins to secure it to my head. I then applied spirit gum on the location I wanted my mustache to stick to. I used my pinkie finger to “tack up” the spirit gum to the point where the gum would make little threads of sticky-ness.

After applying the mustache, I used a small scissors to trim the hairs that ran over my lips. I then put on the khakis, the shirt, the tie, and the sweater. I then used hair gel and hair spray to arrange the wig the way I wanted it (I also suggest this for the mustache; it keeps the hair from keeping in your nose). Pop on the shades, and PRESTO! INSTANT DIKTA!!!

Other optional add-ons: a cigar (real or fake), a few sticks of gum to chomp on (just like Ditka did on the sidelines), a khaki suit jacket to match the pants, and padding for the belly.

Homemade Coach Mike Ditka Halloween Costume

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