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Epic Mom and Son Costume: Cheech and Chong

Every year I dress up with my son. Last year we were buzz lightyear and woody. This year is epic though. For the last two month I’ve been convincing my four year old how cool we could be as Cheech and Chong. From showing him pictures, pieces of Up In Smoke, and dancing to low rider by War in the living room all night.

I’ve been wanting  to get the costume together for a while but never took the time to. We recently were invites to a last minute costume birthday and being low on extra funds this week thought I’d go on a mission. So with $50 I went to 1 Halloween store and picked up a long beard $5.99, a mustache $5.99, red suspenders  $6.99 and bandana $2.99. Checking out I found a 20% off coupon bringing my total to just under $22 with a donation to boys and girls club.

Next stop a salvation army, I found both our pants for $6, and our shirts for $3 each. Unfortunately they didn’t have a red beenie or glasses so I went to a savers just up the street. I was extremely stoked to find the perfect red beenie $1 and a small gold ring $2. I remembered we both had shoes that could go with it and an old pair of his grandpa’s reading glasses at home, so we were set. I rushed home trimmed up my beard, cut my son’s shirt, and creased his pants and boo yah our most epic costume ever!

And all for $42 which is a win for this single mom.

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