Cool Jack Skellington Costume

My company had a Halloween themed party this year and I was so excited about it. My husband and I debated what we would be this year as he normally doesn’t like to dress up, but he saw my excitement and got into the spirit.

Making the Jack Skellington costume

After we came up with the idea for the Jack Skellington costume, I gathered all the supplies I would need. For the head piece, I purchased a punch balloon generic toilet paper and Tacky glue.

The jacket was found at a thrift store as well as a roller derby helmet. Other materials I just had around the house so it kept the price low. The jacket was $8, the helmet $2, glue $7, balloon $2.

To make the head, I mixed together flour, Tacky glue, joint compound, wet toilet paper and baby oil. I mixed it all together with a blender to make a clay consistency and formed it over the balloon. After it was all dry I used a box cutter to cut out the eyes and slit in the mouth. Then I used a hot glue gun to glue the helmet inside to stabilize it.

Then I used black window screen to cover the eyes and hot glue inside the eye area. I painted the mask with white and black acrylic paint and blended them to give some definition around the eyebrows.

I altered the jacket to make the tail, open the chest, and bring up the lower front. From the scraps of the jacket, I made the bat tie and stuffed it with scrap material and some wire hanger to shape like the characters. After all of these steps, I used white fabric paint and a q-tip to apply the wiggly lines on the jacket, bat tie, and pants.

This was the biggest craft project I have done and after my husband, Victor Mendivil, put it on and stepped outside we felt like movie stars with all the people gathering around taking pictures…. this is definitely a keeper and crowd pleaser.

Coolest Jack Skellington Costume

Coolest Jack Skellington Costume

Coolest Jack Skellington Costume

Coolest Jack Skellington Costume

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