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Awesome Homemade Iron Man Costume with Lights

Since I was little I have loved Iron Man. When I heard that the movie was coming out I was extremely excited. I turned that excitement into creativity (in early May 2008) and began to work on an Iron Man costume for fall 2008.

At first it was really hard working with the cardboard, but after awhile I got the hang of it. I believe my costume was really successful. I got plenty of comments on it last weekend at a local Halloween party. I hope anyone who is a fan will enjoy my attempt. Thank you to anyone who clicked on the link to take a look at it. I appreciate it. Below are some facts on its assembly over the course of the year.

Materials used:
– Cardboard Boxes
– Gold and Red Spray Paint
– Black acrylic paint
– Comic Book sleeves (for the transparency of the eye sockets in the helmet)
– Duct tape, masking tape, packaging tape
– Spray Can Adhesive
– Velcro (to close the back of the costume)
– Battery powered LED lights for the eyes
– LED Tap lights for the hands
– Regular Tap light for the chest plate

– Compiled from various boxes of cardboard.

– Started May 2008
– Finished October 2008

– Composed of 14 different pieces
– helmet
– chest piece
– back piece
– (2) gold upper arms
– (2) forearms
– (2) gloves
– Torso/underwear
– (2) upper leg pieces
– (2) lower leg pieces

** I intend to make a War Machine costume in the future!

Thanks to all for checking it out!

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