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Creepy Zombie DIY Costume for Halloween

This Homemade Zombie Costume I made from the soft sheets of art foam from stores like Joann fabric, Micheal’s etc. I cut out shapes I needed to high light the eyebrow and cheek bones and began to make the pieces smaller as I layered them. Once I got the height I needed I glued them on to my face and began to paint on liquid latex to make it look smoother.

For the torn skin I used tissue paper and liquid latex and then tore it so the skin looked ripped. The blood was made from corn starch and food dye. Then after everything was glued on with spirit gum I used a green, grey and blue face paint to make the color and covered everything and black for the eyes. The suit I bought second hand and used a tire to make tracks on it, coffee grinds to make dirt stains and a grinder to tear up the clothes.

Homemade Zombie Costume

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