Coolest Homemade Wizard of Oz Girl’s Costumes

Nunni and Papi are surrounded by little girls, and this year or Halloween, Mommy had a very hard time coming up with a theme (as of course the girls have to theme and flow).

Mommy, back in August, was researching ideas.  Brianna (8 year old) really wanted to be a queen with a big flowing gown with lots of sparkles and Sylvanna (2) doesn’t get to pick yet. Mommy and Daddy just couldn’t decide on Sylvanna’s costume, until they came across a hand made costume of a scarecrow on a little girl online.

Mommy sent the picture to Nunni, and Nunni said “I can make that!”,  Yay, one down, one to go, then the light-bulb flashed – Brianna can be Glinda the Good Witch – The Little Scarecrow and Glinda the Good Witch. So mommy sent Nunni the idea. Nunni said “Oh my, I have a pageant dress that Aunt TT wore when she was a little girl (25 years ago) that has been sitting in our attic. It is pink and I bet it would fit Brianna perfectly, and off Nunni went, to the Fabric Store, Craft Store, Walmart, Dollar Tree, compiling items, sewing machine came out, pins, etc.

GLINDA: The Dress: First, Nunni had to soak the dress and remove the yellowing from the years of storage. Then Nunni and Aunt TT picked each gem separately and hand sewed each one on. Then they sprayed the dress with silver sparkles and placed a star pin “just perfectly” on the dress. Finally, Nunni bought pink tool or the large sleeves and sewed them, by hand, onto the dress.

The Crown: Aunt TT found a plastic cutting board from Dollar Tree. They measured Brianna’s head, cut out the crown and hot glued it together. They sprayed the crown silver, then hand painted sparkle swirls. They then hot glued gems all over the crown.

Wand: Nunni took a long piece of wood, spray painted it silver, and bought a plastic star from the $ Tree. She hot glued the stick to the star, sprayed it all silver, and put gems on each point of the star. Shoes: Black dress shoes with little heals where sprayed with Chrome Spray and Silver Spay paint.

SCARECROW: Nunni bought elastic and tulle from the craft store. She measured Sylvanna from beneath her arms to her ankles.  She then sat, every night or a week and tied yellow sparkle, orange sparkle, and brown tulle to make a long tutu. She then sewed a satin brown ribbon to the front, to be used as straps around her neck, and where the satin was sewed, pinned a large sunflower.

The Hat: The hat was tricky. First, she had to measure Sylvanna’s head. Nunni and Pap bought burlap and made the brim with an old cowboy hat, but filled the top with paper. They hot glued patches and straw. Poor Sylvanna also isn’t blessed with too much hair yet, so Nunni bough fake hair from the $ tree, made braids and hot glued them inside of the hat.

Shoes: Gold Sparkly shoes from Payless on sale for $5.

DOROTHY: Brianna and Sylvanna’s cousin Cecilia, watched Nunni and Papi and TT working so hard and so excitedly on the girls’ costumes, that she decided she wanted to be Dorothy – and she wanted Nunni to make her costume too. So, Nunni, headed back to the fabric store. She cut and sewed Dorothy’s costume without a pattern, by simply looking at pictures online. The shoes:  Walmart $13.99, the Basket: Bread basket from the kitchen. Toto:  RayRay, Ceci’s yorkshire terrier. Nunni also sewed bows for Dorothy’s hair.

That is our story how Nunni’s girls became the Wizard of Oz.

Coolest Homemade Wizard of Oz Girl's Costumes

Coolest Homemade Wizard of Oz Girl's Costumes

Coolest Homemade Wizard of Oz Girl's Costumes