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Coolest Homemade Where the Wild Things Are Halloween Couple Costume

This Homemade Where the Wild Things Are Halloween Couple Costume is straight from Maurice Sendak’s world of imagination, no Spike Jonze here. They roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth and roll their terrible eyes and show their terrible claws, their terribly awesome homemade teeth, eyes, and claws.

The splendor of these costumes was achieved by a month of hard work during which endless amounts of paper mache, machine and hand sewing, and hot glue gun reigned with an iron fist, but sticky, arthritic, and burned fingers were no deterrent to our final product.

To become Wild Things we:
1) paper mache giant balloons
2) use Styrofoam and green flower arranging material to build the face with a layer of paper mache over
3) paint the heads
4) add hair
5) sew the striped shirt or body suit
6) cut out a million scales for the legs or chicken feet
7) glue on said scales
8) cut out some toes and glue on
9) hand sew the terrible claws and add to shirt 10) make and add the different tails

and VOILA!

We had a vision of becoming walking, talking, breathing childhood idols, and to the wonder of every child and adult alike, we have achieved that vision. So let the wild rumpus start!

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Where the Wild Things Are Halloween Couple Costume”

  1. Love love love these costumes! They bring me right back to my childhood and reading this book. They look exactly like the picture in the book! I’m sooo impressed with the craftsmanship.

  2. Your costume is awesome. It looked and sounded like crazy hard work. You guys deserve whatever award thrown your way! Good luck!

  3. These costumes look like they jumped right out of the book!! I showed them to a friend of mine who was a children’s librarian for 15 years and she was totally excited at how true to the creatures in the book they were – right down to the stripes on the shirt! Amazing job you guys! You should go into business!


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