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Original Homemade Where the Wild Things Are Costume

This Where the Wild Things Are Costume was a huge hit at our church’s Trunk or Treat party. I had the idea of making this costume for my son due to the Where the Wild Things Are movie debut and it being one of my favorite childhood books. However, there were no store bought costumes at the time, so my only option was to make it.

I started off by altering the pattern for a rabbit costume I found at JoAnn Fabrics. I bought white fleece material which I was able to use a coupon for. I added buttons down the front of the costume. I wanted my son to have his hands and feet free so he could hold his candy bucket and so the bottom of the costume wouldn’t get ruined by walking around outside. I sewed detachable claws and feet to the costume. I then bought a big black feathered boa found at Michael’s which I folded to make smaller and pinned that as a tail. I sewed a hood to the costume altering the rabbit ears into two pointed “wolf” ears which I stuffed with fluff to make them stand up. For the crown, I cut poster board and spray painted it gold. I also hot glued gold fur to the bottom of the crown. I used black shoe laces for the whiskers and tacked them into the hood.

This costume was a HUGE it. It took more manpower than I anticipated, but it was so worth it!

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