Toddlers Getting Wild Halloween Costumes

My son Coen has really started to love books. One of his favorites is “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. Since this is the first Halloween that he kind of has an idea of what is going on, I thought I’d give sewing a try and make his costume myself. I decided to make him Moishe/Carrol and his one year old brother Max.

For Moishe-

I took an old pair of tan pants and hot glued tan felt “leaves” around each leg and up the waist. I overlapped and staggered the pieces. I crocheted his orange and yellow sweater by looking up a tutorial on Youtube. The stripes were great for the front but the sleeves didn’t get stripey like I wanted. I gave him a hooded tan long sleeve shirt to wear underneath. I used the leftover tan felt to make a hood from a basic hood pattern I found on Pinterest. I sewed on Velcro to close the hood under his chin. I bought a yard of black fur and traced each side of the hood onto the back and then sewed those pieces onto the hood leaving a gap at the front for the face. I used craft felt for the eyes, nose and teeth which were essentially just circles that I sewed on. I used felt for the horns which was two triangles sewn together for each horn and then stuffed with fiber fill. I cut two small slits in the hood/fur and sewed the horn on from the inside. For the tail, I just sketched out out a tail shape onto the fur and cut out two pieces of fur in that shape and sewed them together leaving a gap to stuff with fiber fill. I then sewed the tail onto the pants. The pants got really heavy, so he had to wear suspenders to hold them up.

For Max: I ordered a pair of hooded, footed pajamas from Amazon and used tan felt for his buttons which were circles ( I had to cut them in half because the pajamas had a zipper closure). I hot glued them on. I made the horns the same way I made the horns for Moishe, just with bigger triangles. I used strands of a black broom for the whiskers, which I just poked right into the fabric and twisted together at the ends. I covered the ends with a circle of white felt so they wouldn’t poke my son. For the crown, I drew a crown shape on two pieces of gold felt and sewed the ends together (I measured it to my baby’s head). I used black fur to trim the crown which I sewed on. I made his tail the same way as I did Moishe’s. For his scepter, I  used two circular pieces of foam and cut out a circle in the middle. I used the cardboard from paper-towels as the handle. I spray painted everything gold (if you spray paint foam, you have to do it from far way so it doesn’t melt) and used one of my son’s plastic balls to put in the middle. I hot glued everything together. It was kind of flimsy, but it did the job, at least for pictures. I didn’t want to have to saw down a dowel.

And that’s it!

My three year old was so excited to wear his costume. He just ran in circles saying “monster! monster” rawr! rawr!” My baby wasn’t too fond of his hood, but he looked so adorable as King of the Wild Things.

We got lots of compliments at our Trunk or Treats.

I’m sure I could’ve found the costumes online and spared myself some time, but I love seeing how my little creations turned out and I will definitely save these for sentimental purposes!


Toddlers Getting Wild Halloween Costumes

Toddlers Getting Wild Halloween Costumes

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