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Coolest Homemade Wendy’s Costume

Through the years, when I wore my hair in braids, all my friends said I looked like the girl from Wendy’s fast food restaurant. When it was time to decide what I wanted to be for Halloween I just knew my friends would be happy when I told them I was going to be Wendy.

One year I was Pipi Long -stocking and still had the hanger headband thing to keep my hair sticking up. So I wanted to use that again. I used a wire hanger and used more wire to keep the hanger on the headband. I braided my hair, then stuck it on the hanger. I bought blue ribbon for the bows too.

For the outfit part I borrowed my friend’s Dorothy dress. I bought an apron from a maid costume and printed out a Wendy’s logo to glue and staple it to the apron. I also used red and white striped socks and my Uggs boots. I had brown eye pencil to make 3 little freckles on both sides on my face.

This homemade Wendy’s costume was a big hit in my school and many people thought the costume was very cute.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Wendy’s Costume”

  1. hey. just wondering how you did your hair like that.
    Did you braid it and then stick wire in? If you could give a detailed response, that’d be great because I’m going to be Wendy this year and am clueless as to how to do my hair. (also, it is very long)


  2. well i use to braid my hair around the wire but that doesn’t look as good as braiding your hair first. i braid my hair then stick the end part at the end of the wire(does this help?)


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