Coolest Homemade Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume

This is Alea the tooth fairy! Alea is an outgoing 2 year old who loves to dress up and take pictures. She decided on a Homemade Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume this year because she loves visiting Dr. Perno, who mom works with in a dental office.

Her costume lights up the night as she fly’s around collecting everyone’s missing teeth and leaving behind coins for them to find under their pillows in the morning, from her wand and crown. She carries with her extra tooth brushes, and has buttons of dental floss to promote good dental hygiene to everyone she meets.

Her grandma made her adorable costume and it is completely handmade and original. Her costume is made from feather boas clay teeth dental floss tooth brushes and real money. Her wings, wand and tooth skirt that wraps around her sparkle with real lights. Costume is custom made head to toe ranging from a crown of real crystals, real money, a wand of toothbrushes and also real money, the tooth made of vinyl, and wings made of formed wires, material, real lights and boas.

Always remember to slip your teeth under your pillow at night so this twinkling tooth fairy can fly by and leave you a surprise!