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Coolest Homemade Teen Wolf Halloween Costume

I knew I wanted to be Teen Wolf but the How-To’s to make a Homemade Teen Wolf Halloween Costume on the net all seemed way too difficult and time consuming. I procrastinated making my costume until I found the perfect Letterman’s jacket for $20.00 at a thrift store. I knew it was meant to be!

I spent the night before Halloween in the long lineups for the Halloween store that NYC is known for. When I finally got in they were out of Werewolf masks, wigs and teeth! I had to settle for a Captain Jack wig that I cut the braids off (actually ended up looking more like Scott Howard from the movie than a real Werewolf wig!).

I bought hair you iron out and then glue to your face for the beard and face. I cut the fingers off some hairy gloves for my hands. I kept checking youtube for the scene when Michael J. Fox transforms into a wolf so I looked the most realistic using some brown and black wolf makeup and a couple of “how to wolf makeup” websites for the face. Bought some individual wolf teeth and molded them to my own.

Took about an hour to do – thanks to my roommates help with the makeup! Put on a pair of old Levis, Converse and my own RayBan’s and I was done! I got mistaken for Chewbacca a couple of times but the streets of NYC loved my costume! I was told to Vansurf all night and my costume is a legend!

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  1. Hi mate,its my 30th in May and I’m throwing a 80’s themed fancy dress party, Teen wolf was my first thought as its not obvious. Yours is by far the most realistic. I have the varsity, jeans, Rayban Wayfarers and converse but need to get the wig and hair spot on!! what Jack sparrow wig did you get? Just need some tips if possible. Thanks Scott


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