Cool Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

I had decided to go for the Homemade Teen Wolf Costume after viewing this web site. I wasn’t sure what to go as. I wanted maximum impact for the party since it was New Years eve 2010 and all my friends are fans of the film. For the outfit I purchased a wig from a fancy dress shop. I then went to the local textile mill for the fur. I got some yellow dye and had a old white vest top and some white shorts which I dyed. I got the printing on the shirt at a local printers.

My wife then started the sowing of the fur round my legs and made a jumper for the top half. I also trimmed sum gloves and attached fur to them I got a set of false nails and painted them a dirty yellow and face paint for my fingers and face we trimmed hair off the wig 4 my beard which was stuck on with refix tape.

It went down well at the party and can’t wait for Halloween.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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