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Coolest Homemade Solar System Costume

My 9 year old son has a learning disability and he learns by having hands on. So the chapter he was working on was the solar system.  So I decided to be the moon and sun to show him how the plants rotate around the sun for day light and darkness. I have all nine planets on the asteroid. I did construct Pluto a planet. I put an asteroid on my head to hold the planets that are made of balls and balloons. I painted them to look like the planets, size, shape and markings. I even put rings around Saturn.

He learned a lot that day. The best part was making the asteroid. We paper mached it and painted it black and gray. Shikibob sticks hold the planets to the asteroid and fishing string ties them up. The sun and moon are made of fabric that I painted to look like those objects and then added the rays of sun. My son did great in his class.

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