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Homemade Solar System Costume

I am a huge fan of all things space, so for my Halloween homemade Solar System costume I decided to embody my love for the our solar system. To start, I went looking for any and all space theme fabrics I could find. I decided on a galaxy print as the base, and was lucky enough to find another fabric that had all of the planets printed on it, of course not in order. So I cut out my planets and began to plan my lay out.

I went for a poncho because it was an easy canvas, and decided to make the sun the center of attention… cause you know… its the center of the solar system. I made my sun out of felt because I felt the one included with my fabric was not large enough. So I placed my planets and gave them some embellishment with colored and glitter fabric paints. I used the points of a Christmas bow to create the rays of the sun. I was lucky enough to find a pair of pants with stars on them for $5 at Kohls. So I paired them with my poncho and ended the look with a moon tiara made with star garland and a painted Styrofoam moon! I completed this project in 1 week and with only $20!

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