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Coolest Homemade Solar System Costume

My eight-year old nephew is really interested in space and originally wanted to be the planet Mercury for Halloween. My sister tried to talk him into a different child Haloween costumes knowing that it would be all but impossible to find a Mercury costume. I told her that I had found a sewing pattern to make round objects like a pumpkin or a baseball and those we could just make it into Mercury. My nephew then changed his mind and wanted to be the sun.

I used the Simplicity sewing pattern #3593 to make the sun costume out of yellow fleece. I also added rays to make it a bit more obvious that the costume was the sun. The rays were made by using scraps of the fleece; for each ray of sunshine I drew a free form ray onto two pieces of fleece, sewed them together and then stuffed it so that it would stand up a bit. After deciding that my costume looked a bit like the Jimmy Dean Sausage commercials, I asked my nephew if he wanted to incorporate the planets into the costume to make it a bit more space.

I decided that a hat would be the best way to add the planets. The hat was made from leftover yellow fleece which I sewed into a beanie. (I just searched “How to sew a beanie” on-line and found several great websites with pictures and instructions. The planets are attached to the hat with pipe cleaners. I didn’t want the pipe cleaners poking into my nephews head. The beanie actually has two layers; the pipe cleaners only go through the outer layer of the hat so no pokes! I purchased a planet kit from the craft store; it basically had the correct sizes of Styrofoam balls. My nephew did most of the painting of the planets. He was thrilled to win first prize in a local child Haloween costumes contest!

Total Spent: $20

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