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Original Homemade Sock Monkey Costume

My daughter just loves Sock Monkeys. We searched all over the internet for ideas on how to create the perfect Homemade Sock Monkey Costume. I purchased some foam for cushions at Walmart and cut the foam and bent it into a head shape. I hot glued it together. This really was a challenge.

After making the shape, I cut out eyeholes and covered them with black pantyhose and sewed buttons on for eyes. I then hot glued the sock monkey fabric all over the head. This was not easy either. After that I cut out fabric to sew on the face to make the sock monkey look like it had a mouth and nose. We had to use the mouth to see out of. Because the head ended up being uneven, I hot glued and sewed some blond yarn for hair. I purchased a pj pattern and used the rest of the sock monkey fabric to make the pj’s out of.

I bought some gloves and I sewed fabric on the butt and stuffed a tail that I made. Overall, this was probably the hardest Halloween costume I have ever put together. It was well worth it though. My daughter had a blast in it.

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