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Cool Homemade Sock Monkey Halloween Costume

My 8 year old daughter loves sock monkeys. So, this year she asked if I would make her a homemade Sock Monkey Halloween costume.

I had looked all over for a sweat outfit that was the same color as the original sock monkey, but I couldn’t find any. So, I found a women’s shirt that looked like the same color as the original sock monkey. I bought 3 shirts. One she wore as as the shirt (I bought it in the smallest they had). Then with one of the other shirts, I had her wear as pants. She put her legs in the arm holes. With the part of the shirt hanging, I cut it off and used that part as the face (mask part). With the 3rd shirt I cut one of the sleeves off and used it as the tail and used some of the material to make the ears.

I bought men’s socks that had the red for the heel and the top of the sock. I had her use the socks for her hands and feet. I used another sock for her nose and mouth part! I cut one sock and sewed it on top for the hat on the monkey.

I sewed part of the face masked to the shirt and then I used velcro to connect the front of the face mask to the shirt. I used black panty hoes for the eyes, so she could see.

For the finishing touch we bought sock monkey slippers for her to walk in when she went trick or treating!

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