To make this clapping monkey costume, I found an adult-size fuzzy brown jacket from the thrift store to create the monkey fur, and I adjusted it to fit my daughter. I found the perfect red and white striped pants on eBay, but they were also adult size and had to be adjusted. I created the yellow vest out of felt using one of my daughter’s shirts as a pattern. I sewed the back of the vest to the pants, sewed Velcro to close the front of the vest, and hot-glued ‘buttons’ on it made out of felt.

I tied some elastic straps to the belt loops on the pants to create suspenders so they would stay in place. I made the feet using Vibram shoes I found at the thrift store for $3. I spray-painted them brown, painted the toes flesh color with acrylic paint, and painted the toe nails with red nail polish that I also used on my daughter’s fingernails. I cut the fingertips off of brown gloves that I found at the thrift store for her to wear.

The mouth was made from a paint mask that I painted red and white. I hot-glued it to a Rally mask, which I found at a thrift store and spray-painted grey. I used hot glue to apply 2 pieces of felt to the mask to create the texture of the face. Using hot glue, I wrapped the felt around 2 pieces of cord to create the lips next to the mouth. I then painted the felt with the flesh colored paint that I used for the toes.

I painted/Sharpied Styrofoam balls for the eyes and cut them in half with a knife. I hot-glued black pantyhose behind the eye openings of the mask, and then hot-glued the eyeballs to the front of it. Next, I hot-glued the hoodie from the brown coat around the mask, and then I sewed on jumbo ears from Amazon. The cymbals were purchased from eBay. I was so excited when this costume came together just like I had hoped. It just brings a smile to my face.