I found the brownish material at a fabric store. I purchased a kids’ sleeper PJs from the thrift store and used a seam ripper to disassemble it into my pattern. Then, I pinned each of the pattern pieces to my fabric and cut them out. Next, I sewed the fabric together to create the body of the sock monkey. My son has a full face mask that I used as my pattern for the sock monkey mask.

I purchased a cream colored sweater from the thrift store, and I used that fabric for the sock monkey arms as well as part of the mouth and butt. I used cream colored slippers from the thrift store for the feet (sewn to the legs). I also found a red scarf at the thrift store and sewed it to the neck of the body.

I attached black buttons to the face mask, and I created the mouth out of a paint mask to which I sewed the cream sweater fabric, red felt, and embroidered with black thread. I then attached the mouth to the face mask. I found a cream-colored hat at the thrift store, and I sewed a stripe of the brown fabric (with a cord enclosed) to the hat.

I attached a red pompom, which I created from tassels I removed from the red boots that went with my husband’s costume. I made some ears out of the brown fabric and attached them to the hat. I made the tail from foam (meant for wrapping pipes) covered with the brown and cream colored sweater fabrics. The butt was made from the sweater fabric as well as red fleece fabric recycled from some old pants.

There was a lot of hand stitching involved, and the entire process was time consuming, but it turned out adorable, and my daughter loved it.