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Coolest Homemade Sexy Female Iron Man Costume Idea

I got the Homemade Sexy Female Iron Man Costume Idea for this costume after I had seen the Iron Man II movie. I decided it would be awesome to dress up as him for Halloween because I don’t like going to costume parties and seeing a slew of other girls dressed like me. Therefore, I usually opt to dress as males or male characters, because generally, girls like to dress up as girls! I didn’t see any other female (or male for that matter) Iron Mans all weekend.

Putting this costume together was pretty easy! I had bought the red corset a long, long time ago for $2 at Charlotte Russe because it was missing a zipper. I added a zipper on my own pretty easily. I bought the mask on e-bay for pretty cheap along with the gold gloves. I play volleyball and I had the gold volleyball spandex as more of a novelty than anything, or for practice or pick-up ball and thought they would be prefect! I sort of made the chest light too. I bought a simple LED light online that had an adhesive backing. I had a gold necklace that featured a large round medallion and pressed the light onto the surface of it. With the light on, the necklace chain almost totally disappears, giving the illusion that the light is on my chest just like in the movie. I wore the red patent peep-toe pumps on one night and a pair of gold flats on another.

I loved it. Everyone else loved it. I got shout-outs for creativity all night!

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