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Coolest Homemade Scrapbooking Page Costume

While attending my daughter’s softball practice, some of the dads were sharing their weekend hunting trip stories. I then told them how excited I was to be going scapbooking the following weekend. They were astounded and asked me how a whole week-end could be spent scrapbooking! I explained that it was not so different from deer-hunting weekends but none of them bought this. Knowing I would be seeing the dads during the annual softball Halloween party, a sudden bright idea came to me: I would make a Scrapbooking Page Halloween costume.

I made this costume out of common scrapbook papers and embellishments. As I do when scrapbooking, I moved around the stuff until I found the layout that worked. Everything was then glued down and I cut out a hole for my head.

In case the photo isn’t clear, here are the words from the layout:
Title: Deer hunting VS Scrapbooking.
He said “I didn’t shower for days”. She said “I never changed out of pj’s”.
He said “I drank two cases of beer”. She said “I never stopped eating”.
He said “I got the biggest 12 point buck ever, we just couldn’t find it”. She said “I completed two books”.
Both said: “I am going again next year”.

I spent about one hour on this costume and only spent $5 as I had most of the supplies in the scrapbook room. Seeing one of the hunting dads speechless was priceless!

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