Coolest Elmer’s Glue Costume

Halloween 2007 was my first year of college. I’m not all about the buying super expensive costumes that cover up about the same as a bathing suit. This is for two main reasons: 1. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a one night or maybe one weekend outfit and 2. I don’t go to the tanning bed so by Halloween time I am pretty pale and its just better for everyone if I wear a little more clothing. Besides I enjoy the compliments of wearing and “out-of-the-ordinary” costume.

So I thought of this idea for an Elmer’s Glue costume [I don’t remember exactly how] and I loved it! It was the cheapest costume I have ever had and probably will be the cheapest one for the rest of my life. It cost me around $.80.

Now it was only so cheap for me because I had everything I needed. I used a white tennis skirt and white tank top w/ a white T-shirt over it [any white shirt would work] for the “glue”. Then I Googled Elmer’s glue’ and searched until I found a picture of the Elmer’s glue label that I liked. I copied the photo and printed it out at a larger size and pinned it so my shirt w/ safety pins.

Lastly I needed a top so I bought a hunting hat at Walmart or some place like that for around $.80 or at least under a dollar. Oh and for shoes I just wore white flip flops.

It took people a minute to understand the costume usually but once they figured it out they seemed to like it!


3 thoughts on “Coolest Elmer’s Glue Costume”

  1. I’m an art teacher who was looking for ideas of a simple costume I could wear at school that wouldn’t be annoying to have on all afternoon… how perfect is this costume for the art room!! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I Like it.. a fun costume that’s not gorey.
    “Just like Glue, I’m stuck on you!” ;0)

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