Coolest Homemade Elmer’s Glue Costume

This homemade Elmer’s glue costume was fairly simple to make and pretty cheap. My husband came up with the idea and I created it.

First we bought some extra large white sweat pants from Walmart and an extra large t-shirt. We also bought a bright orange toboggan hat and a piece of sticky white felt from Wal-mart as well. I used acrylic paint from the craft section to paint the design of Elmer’s glue on his t-shirt. I used an image of the glue logo off the computer to look at while I painted.

For the hat, we stuffed it with socks first to give it the glue cap shape. I took a piece of white sticky felt and cut out the shape of dripping glue. I attached it to his hat. The last step was tucking his arms in and stretching his shirt when he wanted to look like a bottle of glue.

Everyone loved his Elmer’s glue costume… it was a huge hit!

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