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Coolest Elmer’s Glue Child Costume

This Homemade Elmer’s Glue Child Costume is my son’s first Halloween so I wanted him to have a really awesome costume. And because I wanted it to be unique, I knew that I would be making it instead of buying one. I started with an oversized white turtleneck, about three sizes bigger than he needed. I drew on the Elmer’s School Glue logo free-hand and then I hand-painted over it with fabric paints. For the spout I used a sheet of orange foam paper. I twisted it into the right shape and used a hot glue gun to keep it together. I used orange fabric paint for the lines and white paint for the tip to make it look as if the paint were spilling out a bit. I cut a small hole in either side of the cone, then tied orange ribbon on each hole to use as a strap to tie onto his head.

To finish it off, I put him in royal blue shorts with white tights underneath. It was a very easy costume to make, and it turned out really great!

Homemade Elmer's Glue Child Costume

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